Q. Are all of your products really cruelty free ?
Yes, all of our products and pigments are cruelty free.

Q. Hi, so some of the stuff I was looking for is not on your site at all, is it discontinued ?

Usually once a product goes out of stock, I draft it until it is in stock again. So it’s only hidden from the site until it restocks.

 Q. Is everything handmade ?

Yes, everything is handmade in a sterilized separate business location. 

Q. Are any of your products edible ?

Sorry no, none of our products are edible.

Q. My body butter has melted, is it still useable ? What do I do ?

Yes! Body butters are still reusable after melting. Although it won’t have the same color/whip pattern, you can still refrigerate for 30 minutes or freeze for 15 minutes then microwave for 5-10 seconds & take a spoon or fork and mix it up until it softens. Also, you are eligible for store credit on the melted body butter with picture proof.



Q. HELP! My order has been marked as delivered but is not here, what should I do ?

Sometimes USPS scan items as delivered to pass their daily duties and won’t deliver until the next business day. I recommend you to try to wait 2 more days & then you can file a claim on your package with USPS.


Q. My shipping info says pre-shipment ?

Yes so when it’s day pre shipment, that means your order has been packed and you’ve been sent a shipping number but your item hasn’t received the post office yet. Usually, body butter orders go out Monday-Wednesday because after Thursday they sit in USPS warehouse where it is usually hot so your order will already be ready to go but will go out on Monday to make sure it’s in mint condition ❤️ Although in rare cases, they can melt from being outside in the sun for too long.

Q. What’s your products shelf life ?

Body butters can last up to 12-24 months. After the 12-24 month period, shea butter deteriorates and loses its vitamin content. While you can still use it to moisturize your skin, the benefit of the vitamin content is lost.

Body scrubs last up to 6-12 months after being opened.

 Q. How often do you restock ?

Every week or bi-weekly on Friday’s at 3 PM EST, follow @brooklynskyco on Instagram & turn on you post notifications and watch our story for restock updates and new product releases.

Q. What’s the difference between order processing time and shipping time ?
Order processing time is the time it takes to package your order along with a group of other orders. Shipping time is the time it takes USPS or UPS to deliver your items.

Q. Where are you located ?
“Brooklyn Sky Collection” is located in Atlanta, Georgia.