At Brooklyn Sky Collection Skincare, we're dedicated to more than just skincare. We're here to empower both women and men, providing effective products that go beyond physical appearance, aiming to uplift spirits, and nurture self-worth.


Being a mother and also having career experience as a Social worker, caring for others is built into Laurencia’s DNA. The mompreneur was sexually assaulted at work and once thought that her life was over on numerous occasions.

To cope with the pain, she decided to help others not give up, to love themselves and overcome. She launched her own skincare business as a role model to men and women that have been in a dark place. SOURCE: VOYAGE ATL

Empowering Confidence Through Purposeful Skincare Solutions

Our products are designed to address specific needs, providing a joyous experience that works wonders for our customers. Whether it's eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, or cellulite, our aim is to reduce insecurities and empower individuals, allowing them to embrace their best selves."

"As a woman dealing with my own insecurities, I created this brand to resonate with those seeking improvements. Understanding the mental space of wanting to look and feel good, we offer solutions that cater to self-care, enhancing confidence, and making personal improvements accessible."